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The Empire's Corps

The Empire's Corps

No Worse Enemy

When The Bough Breaks

Semper Fi

The Outcast

To The Shores

Reality Check

Retreat Hell

The Thin Blue Line

Never Surrender

First To Fight

They Shall Not Pass!

Culture Shock

Wolf's Bane

Outside Context Problem

Outside Context Problem

Under Foot

The Slightest Hope of Victory



The Very Ugly Duckling

The Best Laid Plans

Full Circle

The Royal Sorceress

The Royal Sorceress

The Great Game


Sons of Liberty

Schooled In Magic

Schooled In Magic

Lessons In Etiquette

Study In Slaughter

Work Experience

The School of Hard Knocks

Love's Labor's Won

Trial By Fire

Wedding Hells

Infinate Regress

Past Tense

The Sergeant’s Apprentice

Fists of Justice

The Gordian Knot

Graduation Day

The Decline and Fall of the Galactic Empire

Barbarians At The Gates

The Shadow of Cincinitus

The Barbarian Bride

Their Darkest Hour

Their Darkest Hour

Colin's War

Democracy's Right

Democracy's Might

Ark Royal/Warspite/Vanguard

Ark Royal

The Nelson Touch

The Trafalgar Gambit


A Savage War of Peace

A Small Colonial War


Fear God and Dread Naught

We Lead

The Longest Day

The Cruel Stars

Inverse Shadows

Sufficently Advanced Technology

Angel In The Whirlwind

The Oncoming Storm

Falcone Strike

Cursed Command (formerly Unlucky)

Desperate Fire (formerly The Hammer of God)

Martial Law

Who Dares To Call It Treason?

Picking Up The Peices

Science and Sorcery

Science and Sorcery

A Learning Experience

A Learning Experience

Hard Lessons

The Black Sheep

The Long Road Home

The Zero Enigma

The Zero Blessing

The Zero Curse

The Imperium

On The Imperium's Secret Service

Twilight Of The Gods

Storm Front

Chosen of the Valkyries



A Life Less Ordinary

The Coward's Way of War

The Black Knife

The Trojan Horse

The Mind's Eye

First Strike

The Fall of Night

The Invasion of 1950

The Living Will Envy The Dead

Alone (Novella)

Knight's Move

Guardian Glass


Storming Heaven

The Cross-Time Road Trip

Team Omega

Short Stories in Collections

'A Word In Pompey's Ear' (In 'Synchronic: 13 Tales of Time Travel')

'A Peice of Cake,' (In Riding The Red Horse.)