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Fantastic Schools   

A collection of short stories, written by multiple authors, set in magical/wizarding schools.  Check out the blog here!  And if you want to write a story yourself, check out the details below the book list.

Fantastic Schools - Volume One

Fantastic Schools - Volume Two

Fantastic Schools - Volume Three

Fantastic Middle Schools (younger readers)

Fantastic School Hols


Authors Christopher G. Nuttall and L. Jagi Lamplighter are co-editing a volume of stories about life at magic school to be called Fantastic Schools.

We are looking for submissions of stories dealing with any aspect of life at a magical school. School life, extracurricular activities, teachers’ trials, life as a magical custodian—this is your chance to explore beyond what has appeared in your favorite magical school, be it Hogwarts, Roke, Whitehall, or more.

The Fantastica Schools anthology is intended for a YA and general audience. Stories do not need to be directed at a YA audience, but story content should be appropriate for both teen and adult readers.

Magic schools must be original to the author or used with the author’s expresse permission. No unauthorized fan fiction will be accepted.

Please query with your story idea, so to avoid too many stories on the same exact topic.

Word count: 3000 to 12,000 (for longer stories, inquire.)

Payment: Authors will receive equal shares of 55%  of profits.

Not sure if you like fantastic schools? Check out this list of dozens of stories with magical schools.

Please send queries and questions to:

Note: Query acceptance does not guaranty a place in the anthology.  











Fantastic Schools - Volume One

Fantastic Schools - Volume Two

Fantastic Schools - Volume III

Fantastic Middle Schools

Fantastic School Hols