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Fear God and Dread Naught

On her last cruise, HMS Vanguard - the most powerful battleship in the Royal Navy - barely survived her encounter with a deadly new enemy.  Now, with her commanding officer accused of everything from mutiny to dereliction of duty and her crew under a cloud, the Royal Navy doesn't quite know what to do with her.


But there’s still a war on.  And Vanguard must return to the front lines.


Assigned to a task force heading to assist humanity’s alien allies, Vanguard and her crew find themselves caught in a deadly alien trap.  Can they survive to turn the tables on their enigmatic foe ...


... Or will their next encounter with the new enemies be their last?


[Like my other self-published Kindle books, Fear God and Dread Naught is DRM-free.  You may reformat it as you choose.  Read a FREE SAMPLE, then download from Amazon here - US, UK, CAN, AUS.]