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Ark Royal

If you wish for peace, prepare for war.

-Royal Navy Motto


Seventy years ago, the interstellar supercarrier Ark Royal was the pride of the Royal Navy.  But now, her weapons are outdated and her solid-state armour nothing more than a burden on her colossal hull.  She floats in permanent orbit near Earth, a dumping ground for the officers and crew the Royal Navy wishes to keep out of the public eye. 


But when a deadly alien threat appears, the modern starships built by humanity are no match for the powerful alien weapons.  Ark Royal and her mismatched crew must go on the offensive, buying time with their lives  And yet, with a drunkard for a Captain, an over-ambitious first officer and a crew composed of reservists and the dregs of the service, do they have even the faintest hope of surviving ...


... And returning to an Earth which may no longer be there?


[Like my other self-published Kindle books, Ark Royal is DRM-free.  You may reformat it as you choose.  There is a large sample of the text right here, then you can buy it from Amazon here.]










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