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Heinlein in Reflection

Robert Anson Heinlein was the Grandmaster of Science-Fiction, originator or populariser of many of the science-fiction tropes we take for granted today.  Heinlein laid the groundwork for countless authors to follow, combining his engineering knowledge and experience with a knowledge of humanity to open vast vistas for his readers.  His popularity remains undiminished, even three decades after his death.  Heinlein remains one of the greatest science-fiction writers in history.


But is Heinlein still relevant today?


He could be - and still is, even by the standards of our time - very controversial.  In his later years, he pushed the limits as far as he could.  His characters were freethinkers to a degree even we find alarming, discarding the chains of their societies in a manner that could be both heroic and dangerously unwise.  His books - and Heinlein himself - have been accused of being fascist, or sexist, or racist, or thoroughly immoral.  Is Heinlein still a great mind?  Or should he be forgotten like so many other writers of his time?


In this collection of essays, science-fiction writer Christopher G. Nuttall takes a fresh look at Heinlein’s books, assesses the accusations made against Heinlein’s work and concludes that yes, Heinlein is still relevant today ...

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