The Chrishanger

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Never Surrender

The war isn’t going well. 


Wolfbane’s forces are pressing the Commonwealth on multiple fronts, the Commonwealth’s fragile political balance is on the verge of shattering and there’s a high-placed spy somewhere within the Commonwealth elite.  For Colonel Edward Stalker and his men, the stakes have never been so high.  Defeat will mean the end of everything they have fought and died for since their exile from Earth. 


Held in a POW camp on Meridian, a world on the edge of settled space, Jasmine Yamane and her men seem trapped.  But one thing she was never taught was how to give up.  She’s coming home, even if she has to burn her way through enemy space to do it ...


[This book is completely DRM-free.  As always, you can download a free RTF sample from here, purchase the kindle version from HERE and read the afterword here!]