Appendix: German Words and Phrases


Abwehr - German Military Intelligence


Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM) - League of German Girls/ Band of German Maidens, female wing of the Hitler Youth.


Einsatzgruppen - SS extermination squads


Gastarbeiter - Guest Worker


Germanica - Moscow, renamed after the war


Hauptsturmfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Captain.


Heer - The German Army


Herrenvolk - Master Race


Kriegsmarine - The German Navy


Luftwaffe - The German Air Force


Mutterkreuz - Mother's Cross


Oberfeldwebel - Heer rank, roughly equal to Master Sergeant


Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW, 'Supreme Command of the Armed Forces') - The German General Staff.


Obergruppenfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Lieutenant General.


Ordnungspolizei - Order Police (regular police force)


Reichsführer-SS - Commander of the SS


Reichssicherheitshauptamt (RSHA) - Reich Main Security Office


Sigrunen - SS insignia (lightning bolts)


Standartenfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Colonel.


Sturmbannfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Major.


Strumscharfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Master Sergeant.


Untermensch - Subhuman.


Untermenschen - Subhumans, plural of Untermensch.


Unterscharfuehrer - SS rank, roughly equal to Second Lieutenant.


Vaterland - Fatherland


Volk - The German Population.


Wehrmacht - The German Military (often taken to represent just the army (Heer)).