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Mirror Image

Years ago, Heart’s Eye, a school built on top of a nexus point, was attacked and captured by a necromancer.  The nexus point was snuffed out, the handful of survivors forced to flee and the once-great school turned into a forward base for a necromantic invasion.  All seemed lost, until Emily killed the necromancer and retook the school.  Now, she intends to lay the building blocks for a university, a place where magical knowledge and mundane technology are brought together for the benefit of all.


But dark secrets lie within the shadowed school.  What happened when Heart’s Eye fell? What were the tutors doing when the wards fell and the necromancer invaded the school?  And, as power flows back into the school, Emily finds herself caught between power struggles and a threat from the past, a shadow that has walked beside her for the last six years.  It might bring about the end of everything.


In a school full of mirrors, who knows what they reflect?

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