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Upcoming Books

 As a general rule, I don’t really have a fixed schedule for writing books.  I generally have a good idea of what the next one or two will be, then vague ideas that may or may not be written in the next 3-4 months.  This list will be updated as I go along.  As always, comments, suggestions and encouragement are always welcome.

I’ve also got a number of books coming out from Elsewhen or TTB and a handful of older books I am attempting to polish up for Kindle.  Watch my blog/FB page for details.

Current Project

March - The Fists of Justice (SIM 12)

Forthcoming Projects, Maybe Not In This Order

April - Wolf’s Bane (TEC14)


May - Becalmed (Angel spin-off).


June - Cat’s Paw (The Unwritten Words I - Bookworm sequel.)

Longer Term

Sufficiently Analysed Magic (Inverse Shadows II)

Democracy’s Price (Democracy III and finale)

The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (Their Darkest Hour II)