Chrishangers I - Story List

Hasdrubal’s Tale (Schooled in Magic) - New

Alassa’s Tale (Schooled in Magic) - Reprint

The Right Thing To Do (Schooled in Magic)            - New

A Little Knowledge (Schooled In Magic) - New

The Man Behind The Curtain (Schooled in Magic) - New

The Second Battle of Dorking (Stand Alone) - New

A Strategic Analysis of European Defence and Security Policy Immediately Prior to the EU-Russia War (The Fall of Night) - New

When The King Enjoys His Own Again (Alternate History)            - New

The Kaiserin of the Seas (Alternate History)            - Reprint

Drang nach Osten (Alternate History) - Reprint

Sealion Fails (Alternate History) - New

A Woman’s Place is Out in Space (Ark Royal) - New

Life During Wartime (Ark Royal) - Reprint