Year Emily Book Short Stories Non-Emily Book Novella
Hasdrubal's Tale (in Chrishangers)
Void's Tale
-10 Gennady's Tale (in Fantastic Schools I)
1 Schooled in Magic
1 Lessons in Etiqutte 
1 The Right Thing To Do  (in Chrishangers)
1 A Little Knowledge  (in Chrishangers)
2 Study in Slaughter
2 Work Experience
3 The School of Hard Knocks
3 Nanette's Tale (in Fantastic Schools II)
3 Love's Labours Won
4 Trial By Fire
4 Wedding Hells
5 Infinate Regress
5 The Sergeant's Appretice
5 Fists of Justice
5 The Gordian Knot
5 Alassa's Tale
5 Graduation Day
5 The Princess in the Tower
5 The Broken Throne
5 Cursed
5 Mirror Image
6 The Artful Apprentice
6 The Muckraker's Tale (in Fantastic Schools VI)
7 Oathkeeper
7 Freida's Tale (in Fantastic Schools Hols)
7 The Cunning Man's Tale (in Fantastic Schools III)
7 The Cunning Man
7 The Right Side of History
7 The Infused Man
7 The Face of the Enemy
7 The Conjuring Man
7 Child of Destiny