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Fantastic Schools - Volume Six

Have you ever wanted to go to magic school? To cast spells and brew potions and fly on broomsticks and—perhaps—battle threats both common and supernatural? Come with us into worlds of magic, where students become magicians and teachers do everything in their power to ensure the kids survive long enough to graduate. Welcome to ... Fantastic Schools.

Meet a student who discovers the hard way what happens when he is transformed into a monster, another who mixes magic and music to remarkable effect, a student who wants to trigger a magical industrial revolution, an assassin posing as a tutor with a mission he cannot deny, two students who have to learn to work together – or else – and a student who starts her school newspaper and discovers a conspiracy that strikes at the heart of a proud institution …

… And many more.

Stories by:
Christopher G. Nuttall, N. R. Lapoint, Gorg Huff & Paula Goodlett, Roger Strahan, Thomas K. Carpenter, Erin N.H. Furby, James Pyles, J.F. Posthumus, Declan Finn, Des M. Astor, Cathy Smith, Shana M. Buck, Andrew Young, E.F. Buckles, C. E. Perez

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