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Dear Readers - Please Read First

Second Chance Series

The Multiverse War

The Democracy Series

When the Empire Falls

The Third World War

The Oncoming Storm/Dauntless



Dear Readers

Dear Reader

Over the years, I have written many – many – stories, some of which I am posting for free here. Please feel free to read them – yes, they’re free <wink>. However, I wouldn't say no if you want to tip me...<bigger wink>

This is basically a shameless attempt to win fans. I believe that things like public libraries – and the Baen Free Library – are the greatest ideas in publishing history, because they give readers a free taste of an author without forcing them to pay. If you like these books, please give my Kindle books a shot. And I will give copies for free in exchange for reviews.

More practically, I am releasing these under a creative commons licence. What that means:

1) You are free to share these books with anyone you like, provided you don't change the document at all or profit from the distribution.

2) You may print off copies of the book for personal use, but you may not profit from doing so.

3) You may not change the text of the work in any way, or imply that you wrote the book, or anything of that nature.

4) You can write fan fictions set in these universes (if anyone wants to) provided that you do not attach them to this work or imply they are my work. In addition, by writing a fanfic that uses these characters, background information, magic systems, technology, or anything that is related to this work in any way, you waive all rights to that work. (In other words, you can't write a SECOND CHANCE fanfic, then sue me for compensation if I happen to write something similar in a sequel.) It's every author's nightmare to get sued for writing in their own worlds.

5) The above also holds for any feedback or suggestions you give me regarding this work on my forums. By offering feedback, you waive all rights to those suggestions and waive all rights to compensation for your help. I love to get feedback, and it's one of the reasons why I am doing this. However, don't sue me if I actually decide to take some of your suggestions.

And with that said…

Have fun!  And please let me know what you think.

There will be other books posted. Watch my blog for updates!

Christopher Nuttall, Kota Kinabalu, 2012

Second Chance Series

What happens when the United Kingdom of 2015 is sent back to 1940, just before the Battle of Britain?  For the British, it's a second chance for power...if the Nazis don't manage to stop them first.

Book One - Second Chance

“Why? We’re not at war with Germany.”

“With all due respect, sir, Nazi Germany is at war with us.”

After a night of terror, Britain wakes up to discover that the entire nation has been thrown back in time, to 1940…and the Germans are at the door. As they struggle to react to the new environment, it occurs to some people that there is an opportunity here – to reverse the verdict of history and create a world where Britain is the only superpower.

Forced into a war they won once before, the British struggle to understand what has happened, as the ripples of the sudden change in the future spread across the world. Under threat from Hitler, Mussolini, Japan…and a surprise member of the Axis of Evil, can Britain survive long enough to reshape the world?

Book Two - Axis of Evil

“They say that generals always prepare for the last war, and now they have a chance to fight it…so why are we still barely holding our own?”

Six months after Britain discovered itself to be in 1940, the war is still raging. From Norway to France to Algeria to the Middle East to India to Australia, the British are fighting desperately to hold a thin red line against fascism…and the balance may be about to shatter. Thanks to the actions of a rogue British criminal, the world now knows about the future…and what weapons are needed to change it.

Working together to reverse the verdict of history, Germany, the Soviet Union and Japan call upon every weapon at their disposal, while the troubles in America are only just beginning. As terrorist tactics and violent war shatter long-held beliefs and entire people are exterminated, just how far will people go to establish their vision of the new world order?

Book Three - The Long Hard Road

“The Fuhrer is dead – long live the Fuhrer”

Adolf Hitler and Franklin Delano Roosevelt lie dead, but the war goes on, nearly two years since Britain was moved back in time to 1940. As 1942 dawns, all of the powers know that the final reckoning is about to begin. From the deserts of the Middle East to the cold of the Far East, from Russia to Europe, even within America to the icy deaths of space, the fighting expands until it seems that it will never end. With Allied armies preparing to invade Europe, all who have collaborated with the Nazis know that their time is running out.

As the Allies and Axis prepare for the final round, there is one last horror to be unleashed…for Himmler, Stalin and Tojo won’t go out without a fight. Bleeding their counties to the last drop of blood, they prepare their final stand against democracy, developing new and terrible weapons. The fate of the world remains in the balance…and dark secrets wait to be revealed…


The Multiverse War


Carrier Wars

The USS George Washington and the French aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle were engaged in a joint mission when they were swept up by an unknown power and swept across the timelines to a different reality – where the American Revolution failed and the British Empire still exists…

But the Empire is at war with the other two powers, the French and the Russians.  Even as the crew of the George Washington attempt to adjust to the strange world that never held a United States of America, the French crew see an opportunity to strike a blow for France…by using their advanced ship to spearhead a powerful attack on the British Empire.  All of the sudden, the Americans have to decide which side they’re on…before a peaceful world is destroyed by modern war.

The Counterfactual War

In our world, the German Reich lost the war; Adolf Hitler committed suicide as Soviet tanks smashed their way through Berlin.  But that was only one possibility…

In an alternate world, the Greater German Reich survived, conquering Britain in 1940, Russia in 1941, the Middle East in 1942…and finally America in 1960.  It has taken the world, taken the moon – and now it is experimenting with inter-dimensional travel.  Our world is about to face a nightmare from the past, one more deadly than ever…


The Otherworld War

Five years after the Nazi War, the Thande Institute is working to explore alternate timelines.  When a timeline hints at vastly superior technology, the institute is more than willing to send an Insertion Team right into the timeline…only to see it become trapped within a timeline where the laws of science are very different.  Magic works, dragons fly high in the sky…and all-powerful Powers control the lives of humans within their influence. 

 Their arrival plunges Otherworld into war, for the established power structure cannot cope with the very notion of such concepts as freedom, democracy and advanced technology.  As a magical war rages across the land, few are aware of the true danger; the entire world is a trap for cross-time travellers.

 For Otherworld holds a secret beyond price; a clue to the identity of the mysterious Enemy…and the key to understanding their role in the Multiverse War.


The War After Roswell

In a world where the Roswell UFO actually crashed, the United States and the Soviet Union remain in uneasy partnership; an alliance that was created by fear of the unknown aliens who were probing Earth years ago.  From Earth Orbit to the Moon, from the colonies on Mars and Venus to the asteroids, the two superpowers prepare endlessly for the aliens, of whom nothing has been seen since 1947.

And suddenly, under suspicious circumstances, an alien ship is discovered far from Earth.  It falls upon an Earth at the brink of war, for the alliance is about to collapse under internal strains.  To this world come the Time Agents, looking for the Enemy Agent who is provoking the war - unaware that time is about to run out for the whole planet…


 In 2100, humanity discovered the stars.  In 2200, humanity met its end at the hands of the aliens…except a small force that was tossed back in time to 1942.  Shocked at the trauma of the Final War, the survivors are delighted to take the opportunity to force the human race forward to prepare for the coming alien invasion.

Opposition from the Axis is swept aside within weeks…but the rest of the world is not so eager to change.  As the struggle to force humanity forward meets powerful and determined opposition, can the coming alien invasion be defeated before all of humanity dies a second time?

Because the time travellers are not alone…


The Spacers

It is the year 2100.

Humanity has finally begun to colonise the solar system, creating massive colonies right across, from Mars to Pluto.  In the asteroids, thousands of humans live and work, creating massive new civilisations from the rubble of space rock.  Science and biology are making great strides forward; it is truly a golden age.  For the first time, everyone has enough to eat.

All is not well, however; the deadening hand of the Global Federation is affecting the colonists in the asteroid belt…and revolution is at hand.  Standing behind it all is the shadowy figure of Andrea Clarke, the richest woman in the Solar System, standing at the doorway to something…inhuman.

Whatever happens here will determine the future of humanity, and so the Time Agents have come to investigate…but it is already too late…


Graf Zeppelin

December 1941: This is the end of the beginning…

America has joined the Second World War, after the attack on Pearl Harbour, and victory now looks certain for the beleaguered Allies.  As Hitler’s forces recoil from Moscow and Japan’s forces run rampant in the Pacific, all that remains to win the war is the proper application of overwhelming force.  The Axis’s days are numbered; it just doesn’t know it yet.

Then, out of a space-time warp, an advanced Nazi fleet from an alternate future arrives in the Baltic.  All of a sudden, history is no longer what it was…and victory is no longer certain.

This is the beginning of the end of the world…


Walking To Infinity

Mathew thought he was just a normal student, until an extra-dimensional monster appeared out of nowhere and proceeded to tear Cambridge apart to get at him.  As the monster closed in, he summoned powers he didn’t know he had and found himself on a different world, a very different universe from his own.  He didn’t know what had happened…or what was about to happen next.

Grey had been a Walker for years, walking across timelines and exploring, when he was sent to recover Mathew before the mysterious Enemy and an old friend of his reached Mathew first.  He didn’t know what was happening, or why Mathew was targeted…

And neither of them have any idea that their troubles have only just begun.

And...A Short History of the War


The Democracy Series

[I wrote this complete series some years ago and (after getting feedback) revised book one.  These are the original three volumes of the series.

I wanted to write a series looking at a rebellion, those who might have reason to resist the rebels - and what happens after the rebels win...  Did I succeed?  You tell me.]

The Empire – a tyranny stretching over thousands of worlds, run by the corrupt and evil Thousand Families. Freedom, justice and liberty are a joke. Resistance is futile. From the formerly independent worlds crushed by the Empire, to the slaves and workers bred for their role, to the personnel of the Imperial Navy itself, rebellion seethes, but freedom seems a dream…

The Rebel – Colin Harper, betrayed by a superior officer, assigned to a useless backwater and forced to become compliant in terrible crimes, has a plan. He and his fellows will seize their ships and provide a focus for a galaxy seething with helpless rage under the Empire’s rule…

And set the galaxy on fire.

Book One - Democracy's Right

Book Two - Democracy's Might

Book Three - Democracy's Light


When the Empire Falls

One thousand years ago, Earth was conquered by aliens and forcibly annexed into the Galactic Empire.  Humans had spread out across the Empire and have become a vital part of its operations, but now the Empire is collapsing.  Economic chaos and political strife have crippled it…and its Imperial masters have decided to abandon large sections of the Empire, including Earth.  All of a sudden, humanity is independent again, cut loose into an interstellar maelstrom of intrigue and treachery.

Still, no worries, right?

Well, there’s the pirate forces that are preparing to swoop on the undefended, newly settled worlds, far too close to Earth for comfort.  There’s the sudden unleashing of human ambition as the Imperials withdraw from their peacekeeping role.  There’s the economic crash that will put billions out of work.  There are the ambitious politicians who see their chance for real power at last.  There are the last remnants of the Imperial administration…along with their technology, ripe to fall into the wrong hands…and there’s the unknown alien race that is probing the borders of the Empire, preparing to invade…

Admiral Glass, last commander of the Sol Picket, has his orders – try to hold as much of the human part of the Empire together as possible.  Unfortunately, that’s going to be just a little tricky ...

Book One - When the Empire Falls

Book Two - Shades of Grey

Book Three - The Three-Edged Sword

Book Four - The Pirate Queen

The Third World War

The Third World War has begun ... and the world will never be the same .

The Third World War Armageddon Rising

The Third World War - Trial of Strength


The Oncoming Storm/Dauntless

These probably require some explanation.


I intend to rewrite this series under the working title of Angel in the Whirlwind, in the hopes of taking advantage of a chance to show it to a mainstream publisher.  The revised version will follow the basic plot of The Oncoming Storm/Dauntless, but it will be (I hope) much more polished and improved.  Any comments would be welcome, but please don’t send spelling errors and suchlike.


These books are free, but if you want to tip me, please use the cookie jar.

The Oncoming Storm




United States Starship

Blurb: Captain Cozort had been honoured to have been chosen as the commander of the third American starship to have been built, in a world where America is the dominant power, the ruler of the world. Planting an American colony at Tau Ceti should have been easy, right?

What he never expected was for his entire starship to have been blown across the dimensions to an alternate history, where America struggles with terrorists and suffers for a dependence on oil, where there has never been a serious space program – and where the USS Enterprise is a treasure beyond price…

In an unfamiliar world, Captain Cozort must save his ship, and his nation, even in spite of its own government…

[This is pretty much the first Alternate History/Cross-Time Travel book I wrote.  It shows its age, but I may go back and rewrite it at some point.  It was partly based on Dark America.]

Disunited States

[Confession Time: I wrote this book in 2006 and I got a great many things wrong.  My predictions for the future were bunk (I didn't anticipate Obama, for example) and I made many errors of fact.

On the other hand, I do feel that it is an interesting scenario.  Maybe I'll rewrite.  Please don't hesitate to tell me what you think.]

This is the way the dream dies…

The United States of America; 2017. Sixteen years of endless war has produced a society on the brink of collapse, as the shockwaves race across the world, and reach America. The political divide, between rich and poor, between those who wish to fight and those who wish to guard the borders, between those who want regulation and those who want responsibility, within the United States has only grown wider…and no one dares to back down.

When faced with a massive election dispute, a well-meaning President makes a desperate bid to end the growing tension, but desperate men plot, strike…and the Second Civil War begins. From Mexico to Texas, from Washington to San Francisco, the war rages on…and only one vision of the future of the United States of America can emerge triumphant. As the outside world becomes slowly sucked into the fighting, how much of America will be left to savour the victory?

This is the way the dream dies…

Strange Invasion

[Strange Invasion grew out of musings on just why aliens would want Earth anyway.  The downer ending is deliberate...

Again, it reads somewhat dated.  Revise?]

When Earth picks up signs of ET activity in the asteroid belt, a modified space shuttle is launched to investigate.  But the mysterious aliens have claimed the solar system's resources for themselves and they want no human interlopers...

False Profit

The Traders – a race of interstellar gypsies, desperate to pay their debts…

The Malick Karn – clients of the Traders, desperate to escape their rule…

The Human Race – victims of the unholy alliance, desperate only to survive…

The Traders thought that they had a neat solution to their problems; use their Malick Karn clients to invade Earth – keeping their hands clean – and take control of the planet and the resources in the solar system. But the Malick Karn are desperate to escape the control of the Traders and have plans of their own, plans that will intersect with the desperate human defence of their own world to give the Traders a lesson in how underhand humans can be…

The Traders are about to learn that they have caught a tiger by the tail…


Two years ago, the aliens arrived...and changed the world. We learned that there were mighty empires out there, where mighty starships clashed in the night, where strange artefacts littered space and powerful transcendent beings haunted the stars. And we learned, on such a scale, that humanity meant nothing. The aliens were all-powerful and Earth, a world barely on the verge of discovering space flight, unimportant. Two mighty empires were interested in Earth…and we had no way of fending them off.

And so I was offered command of Wanderer, Earth’s first starship, and sent out on a mission to learn as much as we could, in hopes of closing the gap between us and the Galactics. But with so many alien interests opposed to our own, and a shadowy force trying to trigger an interstellar war, it wasn't going to be easy…


Vendetta: Final Conflict

When the Trolls arrive, humanity's last war may also be one of its shortest ...


When a Time Agent steps into a brave new world, the last thing he expects is to discover that the Nazis have taken Britain ... and the rest of the world may not be far behind.

The Uninvited


No One Can Stop Them...


They come in the night and take humans from their homes, abducting them to their ships and experimenting on them before returning their victims to their homes, unaware of what happened to them...until now.  By sheer luck, Jon Sonnenleiter, a former Army Ranger and PI, obtains proof of the alien presence on Earth.  Taking the information to the government, Jon is almost killed by federal agents.


With the government hunting them, Jon and a group of friends go on the run, struggling to uncover the truth behind the alien presence on Earth.  They discover a terrifying aliens conspiracy that has been infiltrating the Earth for decades, one that is slowly coming out into the light.  The race is on to stop the aliens before they take over the Earth, with all of humanity at stake...


Shifting Sands


On an alternate world, the Brotherhood of Mages has a problem.  Their control over the sprites – magical creatures that must do their bidding – is slipping.  Magic is going out of their world and, in the wake of its slow departure, barbarian tribes are encroaching on what remains of their civilisation.  And then one Brother has an idea.  They can summon someone to help them.

Alex, a teacher from our world, finds herself in a land dominated by magic, a barbarian world unaware of even the simplest laws of science.  Trapped, threatened with enslavement or death, Alex must struggle to build a new life for herself, fighting to introduce a whole new way of thinking.

But the sandstorms are advancing and, behind them, the barbarian hordes. If she fails, the whole world will be buried forever, lost beneath the sands.

The Lady of Shallot

What is a Land without a King?

Ever since the death of King Arthur, Merlin, the first-born son of Satan Himself, has ruled the world.  For a thousand years, science and sorcery have co-existed, creating a world where railways run beside unicorns, while dragons fly through the sky and mermaids swim alongside steamships in the great oceans.  Humanity lives beside the supernatural world, enjoying a peace that has endured ever since the Empire was created.  But now Merlin’s time is running out…

When Merlin departs, anarchy threatens to destroy the Empire.  The Great Lords see a chance to claim supreme power; Commoners fight for the right to be free, while dark sorcerers launch a brutal war to claim the Empire. 

But all of those threats are only the beginning.  Without Merlin, countless natural balances have been overturned.  And the Human Race may be about to pay the price for his crimes…


Superhuman: Dead America


They fly through the air, lift entire locomotives in their hands and smash through tanks as if they were made of paper.  Loved, hated, they have become part of a very different world, where superpower changed the world and the next war will be a superhuman war, fought out for dominance over the entire planet.

But now, someone has done the impossible and killed America, one of the most-loved superhumans in the world.  As SDI Investigator Matt Tracker starts to investigate, he finds himself at the centre of a deadly plot…and realises that New York City might be the battleground of the First Superhuman War.















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