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Fantastic Schools Staff

You’ve met the students of magic schools, but what about the staff? What is it like to work in a magic school, to teach students and serve as their mentors and disciplinarians and everything else young minds need? We know their types … the headmasters – kindly or unpleasant; the teachers – friendly or cruel; the matrons and assistants and inspectors and janitors, all of whom have their own role to play beyond being characters in a student-themed story. But what is it like to be them?

Come meet a teacher trying to set up a whole new school, in the face of heavy opposition, and another who has to deal with a fairy infestation; meet a teacher who has a mission of his own and another who must take a stand against his own headmaster, for fear of letting the school be plunged into darkness …

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by Christopher G. Nuttall, J.F. Posthumus, Misha Burnett, Erin N.H. Furby, AC Young , Suzanne Gallagher, Frank B. Luke , Becky R. Jones, Declan Finn, Rhys Hughes