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Coup D’état

Executive Solutions is one of the world’s most capable mercenary units, a force designed to do everything from providing local security and training to hostage rescue, terrorist suppression and many other operations in places regular military forces can’t or won’t go.  In a world riven by war and chaos, with law and order breaking down everywhere, they are often the tip of the spear, a deniable assert who can be praised or discarded as their paymasters decide.  And yet now, they face a challenge that may be beyond even them.


Kabat has stayed out of trouble because the tiny kingdom’s government has avoided all involvement with the outside world, maintaining its independence and economic clout through careful development, quiet international alliances and the occasional use of naked force.  But now, the government is on the verge of going rogue, of turning the country into a rogue state that will either collapse or find itself in the crosshairs of the entire world.  There is only one hope – mercenaries, Executive Solutions, must launch a coup to overthrow the rulers and save the kingdom from itself ...


…And yet, if they fail, they will find themselves trapped, abandoned and left to die.

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