The Chrishanger

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The Infused Man

Adam wanted to be a magician, but now he’s something more ...


The university of Heart’s Eye barely survived the conflict between magical and mundane students, a conflict fanned by an undercover sorcerer hiding in the last place anyone suspected, a conflict that came within moments of destroying the university or delivering the student body into inescapable servitude.  But the fight for academic independence is far from over.  Chaos is spreading across the Allied Lands and the university is being sucked into a vortex that may still destroy Emily’s dreams of a better future for the entire world.


Now, Adam’s blood is infused with magic, magic that may prove the key to saving them all and giving power to the powerless.  But with an old rival coming back into his life and an enemy army laying siege to the university, he may not have time to learn how to use his new gift before it is too late ...

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