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The Alchemist's Secret

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For centuries, the Great Houses of Shallot have ruled the city through a complex network of power and influence, dividing and destroying factions that posed a threat to their rule, but the latest crisis may be beyond their power to subvert and defeat. The commoners have finally found a leader, while the aristocrats are deeply divided amongst themselves; their magic no longer trustworthy, their right to rule threatened as never before. As protest marches explode onto the streets, and the guild leaderships are openly challenged, it seems only a matter of time before the entire city catches fire.


In the mansions of North Shallot, Akin Rubén – new to his position as family patriarch – finds himself battling extremists who want to crush the protestors by any means necessary and hampered by his ties to the rebel leader; in the streets of South Shallot and the slums of Water Shallot, Rebecca Travis finds herself dragged into the revolutionary movement and experimenting with potions and spells that will either tip the balance against the aristos once and for all, or lead to all-out war on the streets that will burn the city to the ground …


… And, hidden in the shadows, the real threat is slowly inching into the light.

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