Frequently Asked Questions

Obviously, I get a great many questions forwarded to me through email or on Facebook. I’ve answered some of the most common here. Please read this list before emailing me.


Series: The Empire’s Corps

Series: Schooled In Magic


When does the next book in [series] come out?

I don’t have a tight or fixed schedule. Check out the ‘Upcoming Writing Projects’ for my current project and projects due in the near future.

Where can I get updates and notifications of new books?

Through my mailing list, blog or Facebook Fan Page. The mailing list is strictly for new releases; the blog and Facebook covers everything else.

Do you do interviews?

Yes, I do. I prefer email interviews rather than Skype or face-to-face, although if you happen to be in Edinburgh or attending a convention I happen to be attending I will be happy to meet up.

Where can I get signed copies of your books?

Though me. <grin>

Contact me with a list of what you want and I will see what I have in stock. (For various reasons, I rarely keep more than four or five copies of every title.) The price is £15 for UK addresses; £20 for non-UK addresses. Make sure you send me the complete international posting address as I take no responsibility whatsoever for copies that go missing because something is wrong with the address. Payment via PayPal only.

I want to do covers for you. How do I apply and what do you pay?

It depends. Send me a sample of your work, formatted for kindle. I generally want exploding starship-style designs, with both complete and exclusive usage rights. I don’t mind if you want to host it on your site as a sample of your work, but I do mind if you sell it to other authors or do anything else that calls my right to use it into question.

Generally, I pay around £200-£400 for decent covers. Payment via PayPal only.

The Empire’s Corps

Will the Avalon Marines ever link up with the Commandant/Prince Roland?

Yes, they will - eventually. (Several books in the future.)

Can I download the afterwords separately?

Yes, you can; they’re on this page.

Schooled In Magic

Is Void Emily’s real father?

No, he isn’t. Emily’s father is largely immaterial to the plot.

How Many Books Will There Be In Total?

I’m not sure. My original plan was 14, but the plot just seems to have exploded into something far larger.

Will Emily Ever Return To Earth?

Probably not. We shall see.