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NEW - Her Majasty's Warlord Afterword

The Prince's Gambit Afterword

The Prince's War Afterword

Stuck in Magic Afterword

Cast Adrift Afterword

The Halls of Montezuma Afterword

Knife Edge Afterword

The King's Man Afterword

Their Last Full Measure Afterword

Favour The Bold Afterword



Cry Wolf Afterword

Storytelling for All (Or As Many As Possible) Ages

Wolf's Bane Afterword

The Long Road Home Afterword

Culture Shock Afterword

Ragnarok Afterword

They Shall Not Pass Afterword

The Barbarian Bride Afterword

The Black Sheep Afterword

Pointless Discrimination (on AccordingtoHoyt)

Entry-Level Fiction - (on AccordingtoHoyt)

Competion (Amazon II) - (On Mad Genius)

Planners and Searchers and Amazon (Amazon I) - (On Mad Genius)

First To Fight Afterword

The Economics of Indie Publishing (on AccordingtoHoyt)

Nag Rage (on AccordingtoHoyt)

Making A Statement By NOT Making A Statement (On Mad Genius)

Our Geopolitical Failure (on Think Defense)

Never Surrender Afterword

Hard Lessons Afterword

The Shadow of Cincinnatus Afterword

Work Experience Annotations (SPOILERS)

The Thin Blue Line Afterword

Study in Slaughter Annotations (SPOILERS)

Lessons in Etiquette Annotations (SPOILERS)

Entry-Level Fiction

A Learning Experience Afterword

Schooled In Magic Annotations (SPOILERS!)

The Fall of Night Afterword

Retreat Hell Afterword

Reality Check Afterword

The Invasion of 1950 Afterword

To The Shores Afterword

An Introduction to The Empire's Corps Series.

Facing the Iron Law

A Wasted Three Years

People Kill People II

People Kill People

The Outcast Afterword

Writing the Outside Context Problem series.

The Slightest Hope of Victory Afterword

Interview - Seven Minutes with Jennifer

Reflections Upon Defeat- The British War in Iraq (17/04/2013)

Semper Fi Afterword

A Question of Trust; Cyprus, the Banks and the EU (29/03/2013)

Science and Sorcery Afterword

An Introduction to Bookworm

When The Bough Breaks Afterword

Interview with Amazing Stories

Interview with The Indie Spotlight

No Worse Enemy - Afterword

How to Write and Publish a Novel in Eight 'Easy' Steps.

 Geopolitics, Ideology, Europe and America

 My First Interview, for The Royal Sorceress

 So You Want To Change The Past?

Adrian Goldsworthy: An Overview

Paranoid Fantasies: An Overview of Invasion Lit.

Musings on an Independent Confederate States

The Russo-Japanese War Alternitives.

Musings on a Trent Affair War.  What if Britain had gone to war against the US in 1862?

The Almost Certain Victory: A Strategic Analysis of World War One.










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