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The Flight of Werner von Braun

A Twilight of the Gods prequal.

The year is 1949.


Nazi Germany rules from the western coastline of France to the Urals in Russia. Darkness has descended over the continent, with uncounted millions marched into extermination camps or forced to labour for the greater good of Nazi Germany, while Hitler and his followers reshape Europe to suit themselves. Old towns and cities are demolished so they can be rebuilt in the Nazi style, vast numbers of people are relocated to create room for German settlers, and freedom is a fading dream. There are eyes and ears everywhere, and none dare speak for fear of being disappeared …


The Reich appears invincible. The German Army has bested all its foes, the German Air Force is deploying newer and better jet aircraft, the German Navy is launching ships that will challenge British dominance of the North Sea and the Germans are experimenting with rockets that could hit London – or New York. For SOE, working desperately to keep the flame of European resistance alight, it appears they are fighting a hopeless battle ... until they get a message, an offer they can’t refuse.


Werner Von Braun, the founding father of the Nazi rocket programme, wants to defect …

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