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Twilight Of The Gods   

In 1941, Adolf Hitler didn't declare war on the United States.  Now, in 1985, the Third Reich stretching from the coast of France to the icy wastes of Eastern Russia, appears supremely powerful.  With a powerful force of nuclear warheads and the finest military machine on Earth, there is no hope for freedom for the billions who groan under its rule.  Adolf Hitler’s mad dreams have come to pass.


And yet, all is not well in the Reich.  The cold war with the United States and the North Atlantic Alliance is destroying the Reich’s economy, while a savage insurgency in South Africa - a war the Reich cannot win and dares not lose - is sapping its military strength.  And, while the Reich Council struggles to find a way to save the Reich from its own weaknesses, a young German girl makes a discovery that will shake the Reich to its core.


But the Reich Council will not go quietly into the night ...

Prequal - The Flight of Werner von Braun

Book One: Storm Front

Book Two: Chosen of the Valkyries

Book Three: Ragnarok

Appendix: The World Of Storm Front

Appendix: German Words

Afterword: Ragnarok