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The Empire's Corps

The Galactic Empire has united the human race for over three thousand years, but now the Empire is dying, killed by its own success.  Corruption and nepotism has ruined the Empire’s government, bureaucracy is slowly strangling its economy and the military is declining into impotence.  Pirates stalk the Rim, killing, raping and looting with impunity, while the Core Worlds struggle to keep themselves alive.  The end cannot be long delayed.

In this setting, a handful of characters set out to keep civilisation alive, whatever the cost.

This is the story of the end of civilisation ... and the birth of a new order.

This is the story of The Empire’s Corps

(See also An Introduction to The Empire's Corps Series.)

[As a matter of principle, I don't use DRM on my self-published Kindle books.  Feel free to use Calibre or another formatting program to turn MOBI into anything you want.    And talk about them on the Discussion Forum.]

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Book One: The Empire’s Corps

Book Two: No Worse Enemy

Book Three: When The Bough Breaks

Book Four: Semper Fi

Book Five: The Outcast

Book Six: To The Shores

Book Seven: Reality Check

Book Eight: Retreat Hell

Book Nine: The Thin Blue Line

Book Ten: Never Surrender

Book Eleven: First To Fight!

Book Twelve: They Shall Not Pass!

Book Thirteen: Culture Shock

Book Fourteen: Wolf's Bane

Book Fifteen: Cry Wolf

Book Sixteen: Favour The Bold

Book Seventeen: Knife Edge

Book Eighteen: The Halls of Montezuma

Book Nineteen: The Prince's War

Book Twenty: The Prince's Gambit

Book Twenty-One: The Prince's Alliance

Book Twenty-Two: The Forsaken

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The Homemade Insurgency  (snippet)

The Shavetail

Devil Dogs


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When The Bough Breaks Afterword

Semper Fi Afterword

The Outcast Afterword

To The Shores Afterword

Reality Check Afterword

Retreat Hell Afterword

Never Surrender Afterword

The Thin Blue Line Afterword

First To Fight Afterword

Culture Shock Afterword

Cry Wolf Afterword

Favour The Bold Afterword

Knife Edge Afterword


Fan Fiction

No More Justice - Glen Cheal

Expository Posts

Terran Marine Corps – Training and Organisation

Marines V. Everyone Else

An Introduction to The Empire's Corps Series.